Be a Revolutionary

Now’s your time to make real change in your communities!

I’m committed to keep empowering stepfamilies on their unique journeys by finding more accessible and transformational ways for them to learn how to make positive change and radically improve their lives.

And we need you! The Stepmom Revolutionaries are here to do it together and empower change that supports our work and helps more people. We hold groups in our local communities for stepmoms to come and learn strategies that will help them transform their lives.

The Revolution started as an online community, but is now making its way to in-person groups through

My vision is for stepmom life to be changed for the better and for every stepmom to have access to the tools and support that will enable them to create that life for themselves and their family.  

These groups are run by certified stepfamily coaches who have been trained me.

How do I become a Revolutionary?

All Revolutionaries have completed my Stepfamily Coach Certification course. Once you’ve completed your training and are designated as a Certified Coach, you’ll have the option to become a Revolutionary. That means you’ll be leading local, in-person Stepmom Revolution Meetups.

Our groups are unique because they are centered around offering strategies and tools, so we are there to make impact and create change, not only bring together groups of stepmoms. We also get a chance to showcase our coaching skills and promote our businesses!

If you’d like more information on becoming a Revolutionary and how it works, please contact me and I’ll happily email you an information packet.