Welcome to the Stepmom Revolution!

The Stepmom Revolution began because I knew it was possible for stepmoms to have a much better experience than they were having, even in the hardest of circumstances.

Around the world I saw that stepmoms felt isolated, they weren’t getting the support they needed or the tools that could help them change their experience for the better. And I knew that needed to change.

I began to develop tools and strategies specific to stepmoms that started to transform their relationships with their partners, extended families, step kids and sometimes even the ex.

This global community is committed to creating the stepfamily life they want.

My experience as a stepmom inspired me to train as a family dynamics coach and empower more women by giving them the support I didn’t have.

It’s been quite a journey! It started with writing a blog, then I published a book and started coaching stepmoms. I have a strong online community, am running retreats, training amazing coaches and expanding into more ways to fuel this revolution and show stepmoms how to change their lives for the better.

I knew that it was possible for stepmoms to have a really great relationship with their partner, even if the ex was acting crazy or the stepkids were difficult, because I experienced that myself. And as a coach I had also helped countless stepmoms achieve that.  

Stepmom Revolution is a movement to empower stepfamilies on their unique journeys by finding more accessible and transformational ways for them to learn how to make positive change and radically improve their lives.